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Gianni Lashes is professional Wholesale horse hair lashes, mink individual lashes, faux mink lashes,silk lashes. We are Famous mink eyelashes manufacturer and 3D Faux Mink Lashes vendor. We aim to bring the best horse hair lashes to every love beauty worldwide.

OEM hand-made 100% horse hair natural false eyelashes is tidy and in good shape, be made of high quality horse hair, very comfortable. Look’s elegant appearance, suitable for all kinds of occasion. In Gianni Lashes, you will find the best mink lashes, silk lashes, horse hair lashes.


Cruelty-free Horse Hair to Make Horse Hair Lashes

Horse Hair Lashes is made of professional grade horse hair.The horse hair is from horse tail part.There is totally cruelty-free.All horse hair has to go through very strict clean process and ultraviolet sterilization process.

Horse Hair Lashes are more wispy and fluffy than Mink fur lashes.They are the best choice for smoky eyelashes.Our luxury Horse Fur Lashes are made with 100% genuine horse fur, and all furs are sterilized and hypo-allergenic.

Our horse fur lashes are carefully designed by our expert technician to offer a glamour and luxurious look. The lashes are full and lightweight with a unique blend of natural horse fur, and everything is 100% handmade for proper handling.

Horse fur lashes are even softer and lighter than mink fur lashes, but less sheen. Please feel free to choose the styles from our series of mink fur lashes, as every style of mink fur lashes could be made with horse fur as well.


Why Choose our Horse Hair False Eyelash Strips?

*Up to 25 times with careful care.
*Lightweigth.They make you feel the flase lashes grown on ur own eyelid.
*Each hair has a natural beautiful tip.
*Each lashes has a natural curve on the band ,just like your own eyelid shape.You don’t have to carve the band like you do on the synthetic.


Tips for application of Horse Hair lashes:

1.Please do NOT use fingers to pull the fur directly.It will pull fur off the band and cause the lashes damaged.
2.When you start to use the lashes,please use a tweezers to hold one end of the band and peel the band off the tray gently.When you take off the lashes,please use a tweezers to take one end of the band and peel the lashes off the lid gently.and then,put the lashes back to the original tray or packaging.
3.Please do NOT use any mascara on the false lashes.You can use mascara on your own lashes and then wear false lashes .


Gianni Lashes Horse Hair Eyelashes

1. Materials: soft and high quality horse hair.
2. Craft: purely hand-made.
3. Styles: available in variety of shapes.
4. Color: as the picture show.
5. Grade : Top grade.
6. Competitive price with high quality.
7. OEM is welcome.
8. Package: individual or pairs in one PVC case.
9. Delivery time: within 1-10 days.

Materials:We prefer to 100%Real natural horse hair. And all the materials we use have taper on the
tip to make the eyelash more natural.
Cotton band:The cotton band we use to make the eyelash is very thin, soft, strong, and anallergic. So itwil not irritate your eyes.
Glue:The glue we use to stick the eyelashes is solid and offer to you freely.
Our every style eyelashe has a natural radian curl which can match to our eyes perfectly.
So it is very easy to apply .
Lifetime:Our mink fur lashes can be recycled use at least 30 times .
Eyelash styles:We have all kinds of styles for you to choose and can also accept your customization.

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