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How To Tell Real Mink Lashes And Silk Lashes?

How To Tell Real Mink Lashes And Silk Lashes?

Hi,guys, Gianni Lashes Wholesale mink lashes vendor, Everyone knows, when makeup, if you use false lashes, you will be more charming. But Which is better when you wear mink lashes or silk lashes mink lashes vendor.

We are sure lady who wear mink lashes will be more charming. We know Real mink lashes will be more natural than silk lashes, if you wear mink lashes well, everybody believe you do not wear false eyelashes, but you really wear mink lashes.

How to distinguish the mink lashes and silk lashes with the naked eye?mink lashes vendor

Silk lashes is not natural, we can clearly see that all silk is very uniform. When you wear silk lashes , It is very clearly seen, you wear false eyelashes.

The real mink eyelashes is different from silk lashes, each mink hair is very different, and it looks very natural, and Natural beauty is true beauty.

The silk eyelashes is not pure black, and it will gradually lose its black color at the edge. It looks very vague.

The Mink hair is pure black like your real eyelashes. Even in its finest part, it is still deep black. (with finger points)

Then we can distinguish 3D mink lashes and 3D silk lashes in the simplest and most primitive way.

This is our ML3D66

Gianni Lashes 66★
Gianni Lashes 66★

This is our 3DS021

Next step we will distinguish them by burning them, and burn them with fire.

If you buy a lot of false eyelashes, I think this video can help you.

(first burn silk lashes)

Look, the silk eyelashes has been burned into a ball, which is the characteristics of silk eyelashes. (it’s all seen, don’t say much)

(burn mink hair)

When you burn mink eyelashes, you smell a protein.

OK, today’s video is over.

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