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I must admit I was pretty excited when Idol Lash was released onto the market. Until this year, I had no idea there were products that could help you grow longer, lusher eyelashes or eyebrows, so I resorted to dyeing my lashes and brows, and using mascara Wholesale Price Mink Lashes when I went out. Still, I always wished I could look great without makeup Wholesale Price Mink Lash!

A few months ago I heard about some pharmaceutical products that were shown to enhance eyelash growth. This product was originally designed for another purpose, but had oddly shown some ability to lengthen lashes. I was keen to learn more, and ordered some from overseas. However, I admit I was a little wary about putting it on my eyelashes, as there was some evidence that it could cause darkening of the skin and the eyes Wholesale Price Mink Lash .

My Decision to Try Mink Lashes factory Wholesale Price Mink Lashes Wholesale Price Mink Lash Mink Eyelash Manufacturer 

So, when Idol Lash came onto the market I was keen to find out more. This looked like a safer, more guaranteed product, and the ingredients were much more natural and safe. Not only that, but it looked to be a lot easier to apply, which is pretty important for a product you’re using near your eyes!

I ordered the Idol Lash as a free trial, because I like the idea of being able to send something back if it doesn’t work! A lot of people are skeptical of such trials, but my way of thinking is that I could buy a product off the shelf in my local pharmacy and if it didn’t do what it promised, there’s no way they’d refund me at all!
So, with that in mind I ordered Idol Lash.

My Lashes and Brows Before and After Mink Lashes factory

I have always had fairly pale, sparse and fine lashes and eyebrows. In fact, if anything my eyebrows annoyed me the most, because even when I dyed them, they still looked sparse. I used to use eyebrow pencil most of the time as a result. My lashes were also pale and not very long, but looked okay after dyeing and with mascara.

But what I really wanted were wholesale mink lashes and brows that looked great with or without dyeing or makeup! I started using Idol Lash a couple of months ago, and promised myself I’d keep using it whether I saw immediate results or not. I knew not to expect miracles! I tried also not to study my eyebrows or lashes too hard each night looking for changes!

It was after a couple of weeks, however, that I did start to see a noticeable improvement. My lashes appeared to be longer and lusher, and my eyebrows looked a bit thicker! I was surprised, and kept going. Now, about two months later, I feel much more confident about my lashes and brows! I still dye them both, and I still wear mascara when I’m going out, but I think I look pretty good without it too!

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