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Top 10 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendors In The Market

Top 10 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendors In The Market

  • MIIS Lashes is one of the best Eyelash Strip Vendors in the market, our luxury mink strip lashes wholesale are very popular in the market, such as you publish 25MM 3D Mink Lashes and the long dramatic lashes are very hot in the market.
  • Mink Strip Lashes is the best individual mink lashes in the market, which is make of real mink fur ,much more expensive the the silk one or the plastic lashes.

First , Top 10 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendor

  • You may find too many lashes vendor in the market, and you have no ides how to choose and which style do you want to order , and today , we will provide three best mink lashes vendor who supply best mink lashes with competitive wholesale price, if you want to know more about the lashes vendor, you can contact us to get the information.

Top 10 Eyelash Vendors in China

Eyelash Vendors  Category Location
1. MIIS Lashes 25mm Mink Lashes, 5D Mink Lashes , Luxury 3D mink Lashes China
2. Dior Lashes Mink Lashes, 25mm Mink Lashes, 5D Mink Lashes s, etc. China
3. ANR Lashes 25mm Mink Lashes, 5D Mink Lashes , 7D Mink Eyelashes, etc. China
4. Dunhill Lashes 7D Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 20mm Mink Lashes, etc. China
5. Misen Lashes 25mm Strip Eyelash, 7DEyelash Extension, Eyelash Tools, etc. China
6. Garnier Lashes 3D Mink Lashes, regular Mink Lashes, 20mm Lashes, etc. China
7. Vichy Lashes 7D Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 16mm Mink Lashes, etc. China
8. CoverGirl Lashes 5D Mink Lashes 3D Mink Lashes China
9. Aupres Lashes Magnetic Eyelash, 5D Mink Eyelash, 25mm lashes, etc. China
10. Aramis Lashes 7D Mink Lashes, Strip Eyelash Glue, 25mm Mink lashes, etc. China

Second, Why Eyelash Mink Strip Lashes Are So Popular In The Market ?

1st Easy To Apply.

  • Most girls can apply the lashes by themself, fast and easy to apply on.


2nd Save Time.

  • Some girls don’t have too much time to go to beauty Salon and spend one hour at least . time is money, they can’t spent too much time to do eyelash extension.


3rd Too Many Style To Choose

  • Different people different taste. And most people would choose the style they like to show the personality. They do not like the same length and same curl , and they want to order different length and different style.


4th Cheap Price But Best Lashes.

  • As you know , if you do eyelash extension, you have to go to the beauty salon, and that will need too much money to do the lashes extension. And you make not use the real mink fur, because that will not easy to apply on.
  • But if you do mink strip lashes , you can buy the real mink fur with cheap price.


Third,What Can The Best Eyelash Strip Vendors Can Do For You ?

  • Best mink lashes strip lashes vendor supply you best mink strip lashes and best service to you ,so before you choose the mink strip lashes vendor , you should know what they can do for you .


First ,Supply Top Grade Luxury Mink Lashes For You .

  • They should produce best mink strip lashes and supply best mink lashes to you with competitive wholesale price.
  • So you should know how to distinguish the mink lashes with skilled ways. If you have no idea to tell the difference between the good one and the poor one. You can add whatsapp we will help you to do a test step by step.
  • You do should make a sample order to test the quality , because every one would said they are the best mink lashes strip vendor in the market, and you should make a decision from those vendors.
  • Otherwise, you will buy the poor mink lashes which are different that what you see from the catalog.


Second , They Can Help You Build Your Lashes Brand With Professional Skilled And Patience.

  • You many see too many mink strip lashes vendor they do not do this work ,they even do not do custom packaging box for you . why ?


1st  Design Work Wast Too Much Time And Energy.

  • Usually the mink lashes strip lashes vendor will modify to many times the design work before the permission from the customer.
  • They do not want to wast too much time to design the custom eyelash packaging ,instead, they just only supply mink lashes to you without any patience.


2nd They Don’T Have Design Team

  • Most lashes vendors don’t have design team, they buy mink lashes wholesale from lashes factory and sold them out with cheap price.
  • Usually the price is very low than ours, and once you find the quality question, they won’t answer back to you , and they do not bear the damage for you .and they don’t have design team to save money. Once you met issues in the market, they won’t help you.
  • One quality one price.
  • So if you choose the best mink strip lashes vendor , they can do custom packaging box for you , and they can help you build your lashes brand step by step .
  • Anything about the logo, brand name, color of the box, lashes and custom eyelash packaging box , you can feel free to contact with they, and you send all you information about the lashes and packaging box, they will do custom eyelash and packaging box to you .


3rd  Help You To Do Website .

  • you will need a website to show your mink lashes and your service.
  • Most lashes vendor just said all the things are the customer’s , but the best mink lashes vendor will help you  build your website, and supply high quality photo and videos you need to build your website.
  • And if your lashes vendor have IT team, they will do better than you to make a professional website.


4th  Do Custom Eyelashes For You .

  • Most lashes vendor they want to do unique lashes style, they can design the lashes , but they can produce the lashes, and best Mink Lashes Factory , they can do that for you .
  • Because few lashes supplier can do this work , most lashes factory import self-finishes lashes, all the lashes style are the same and cheap.
  • The best mink lashes factory ,they design by them self , produce by them self, which is much more expensive the the ordinary one, but with high quality.
  • And they can use to more than 25 times.
    And if you order the cheap, they can only use one time,so we said, the Cheap Mink Lashes is the
  • most expensive lashes in the world. And if you are doing Cheap Mink Lashes Wholesale , you are wasting your money, and you will lost your customer at last.
  • If you want to get more professional information, and want to know more what a good lashes vendor can do for you , you can click here to get more information.we will help you how to to choose a good lashes vendor step by step.


Fourth, Where To Find Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendor USA ?

  • if you want to find mink strip lashes factory , you may find, most of the lashes factory are all China Lashes Factory.
  • You may find Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor USA, but they are not the lashes factory, they just trading company.
  • So if you find the mink strip lashes factory , you can do custom eyelash and boxes with competitive wholesale price.
  • Beside, the mink strip lashes industry belongs to population-intensive industries, so all the strip lashes factory are located in developing country.
  • The important thing is all the best mink lashes are made by hand not machine.
  • So if you want to get best mink lashes in the world, only few strip lashes factory can do this work.
  • And all these lashes strip factory are located in China. Because China is the birthplace of the mink lashes .
  • if you want to know the best mink lashes factory and visit the eyelash strip factory , we can help you and arrange the visit for you .
  • more professional information and cooperation please contact us
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Where To Find MInk Lashes Wholesale Vendors Near Me?

Where To Find MInk Lashes Wholesale Vendors Near Me?

1 Wholesale Lashes USA


2 Why Most Girls Love To MIIS Lashes To Be The First Mink Lashes Vendor ?

First , All The Luxury Lashes Are Designed By Our Own Famous Designer.

  • Few lashes factory can design the unique luxury mink lashes, as we said most factory can’t design the lashes, they just copy our style and they sold to the market with cheap wholesale mink lashes price, which is not worth the price.
  • They are unqualified lashes, and you can compare with our luxury mink lashes , and if you have no idea to tell the difference , you can wear them on ,and fell the lashes.
  • And we have told you how to distinguish the luxury mink lashes and the bad lashes.


Second, Top Grade Luxury Mink Lashes .

  • All the luxury mink lashes are made of top grade luxury mink lashes fur, we select the mink lashes one by one, which is a huge work ,all the mink fur are selected for the young mink , fluffy and sharpen, soft and vivid.
  • This the key factor as you know , if you want to do a top grade luxury mink lashes, the material is the first important thing .


The Second Factory Is Craft.

  • we shaped the lashes with physical ways instead of the chemical liquid, which is unique in the market , most lashes manufacturer use chemical to shape the 3D effect, but we won’t do that, all the luxury mink lashes we shaped by safe way in order to make a healthy lashes.


We Also Supply Top Service To Our Custom From All Over The World

  • This is not only because our luxury mink lashes are the best mink lashes in the international market but also we supply best service to our customer.
  • And these is also the third factor that our regular customer matters.
  • If you want to start your lashes business line, we can help you start your lashes business line step by step .and if you want to build your lashes brand, our IT team and QC team and Design team will help make the most professional market strategy,
  • and you will be the best and professional Mink Lashes Vendor in your local market.


3 All Luxury Mink Lashes Are In Stock,Will Ship The Lashes Within 24 Hours.

We Are Very Confidence With Our Luxury Mink Lashes, We Have No No MOQ Limit To Our Customer.

  • we just wish everyone use the Real Mink Lashes to show the personality and confidence , because beautiful woman makes beautiful world.


The Second, We Can Easily Sold Our Luxury Mink Lashes Out.

  • And we can only produce ten pairs luxury mink lashes in a day, so we have to produce the luxury 3d mink lashes day and night. Why ?
  • Because all the lashes are made by our hand,we don’t use machine, so it will need more time and energy to produce the luxury mink lashes.
  • We make the luxury 25mm mink lashes by our heart and soul. Which the machine can’t do that .


4  Efficient Express .

  • We ship the lashes wholesale by Express , and that will cost 2-4 business day. Safe and fast service.
  • We can ship the lashes and boxes within 24 hours if your order is under 500 pairs, which is fast and efficient.
  • And most of our wholesale Lashes Vendor would love to choose us to be the first order,
  • because our lashes is good, the shipment is fast, as you know time is money in the internet times.
  • You will receive the lashes and boxes within 7 business days, and if you choose the others, they can’t do this .
  • so you will sold all the 3d mink lashes and eyelash packaging out, and your competitor’s are still on the way. Or haven’t finished yet.


5 Eyelash Vendor USA Supply Best Service Near Me.

  • So you are searching Lashes Vendor USA we will be the first lashes factory you should choose for,
  • and we will help you make the correct and best choice if you have no idea to make a perfect order and a bulk mink lashes order.
  • Trust me , you will love our top grade luxury mink lashes made by our hand ,which is the best Siberian real mink fur Lashes in the market, sharpen and fluffy.
  • And if you want to cooperate with us please contact us
  • please feel free contact us no matter whether you order lashes from us or not.


5 Cheap Wholesale Eyelashes Price Near Me .

  • we supply cheap but reasonable competitive wholesale bulk lashes price. Because we are lashes factory, so we can give you a good wholesale price if you make the bulk order from us.


1stwe Are Wholesale Lashes Vendor USA

  • Our luxury Lashes Factory located in China. So we can provide you with competitive wholesale price with factory price.


2nd Designed By Our Own Designer


3rd Produced By Our Own Skilled Workers

  • all of our skilled workers are artist in our local town. They produce the lashes over ten years.


4th Reasonable Wholesale Price.

  • We supply competitive wholesale cheap lash wholesale price to our customers, we won’t make too much profits from the business,
  • we want our partner to get more profits from the lash business line.
  • so we will get more and more customer in the market, this is what we want to get, so more and more ladies can buy the real 3d mink lashes made by hand in the market.
  • So if you want to make the order now , please contact us to get the most competitive wholesale 5d mink lashes  price.
  • You just let us know which style lashes and box do you like, and how many do you want to order, and we will check the details for you immediately.
  • And if you have question to ask please feel free add whatsapp.
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How To Choose The Good Best Eyelash Vendors?

How To Choose The Good Best Eyelash Vendors?


First ,What Is A Good Wholesale Eyelash Vendor ?

1 Supply Top Grade Lashes Lashes.

  • This is the basic thing you should know, instead of sales and service, your customer would like to order the best mink lashes to show the taste and personality and beauty.


2 The Price Of Lashes Wholesale

  • This is the second thing you should pay attention to , and you need to get more profits from the lashes business line , so you should import lashes with lower price and sold our with higher price.
  • So you should find a top lashes vendor with competitive wholesale price. And if you want to get the wholesale mink lashes price, you can contact us to get the lashes catalog and price.


3 Best Service

  • This is not just the mink lashes sales service the provide, you will meet more and more questions and issues you never met and they should help you solve all the issues you met in the market. And later will show you more details about the issues you will meet.


Second, Where To Find Your Eyelash Vendor ?

  • The best and easy way is you input Eyelash Vendor and search by Google, and you will find too many lashes vendor. But you should check the mink lashes vendor one by one .
  • The second way is that your can search by Youtube, such as you can use keyword  How to start a 3D mink lashes business line with free logo and
  • How to start a lashes business line with free eyelash packaging and private label step by step
  • you will find the right lash vendor, and they will show what they can do to you and what you want to buy .
  • Usually , there have Lashes Chanel and eyelash packaging channel, and you can get the idea from the video , and this is the second easy ways you can choose.
  • One more thing, because you have no idea and never do business line with these Lashes Vendors before . So you should test all the Lashes Supplier you want to cooperate, and , will tell you how to choose them one by one.


Third , How To Choose Eyelash Vendor?

  • We have to you too many ways to choose the wholesale lashes vendor ,and today will show you two many ways to choose your lashes vendor quickly.


The First Way Is Still The Lashes Sample.

  • Only you receive the lashes sample , you can make the judgment.
  • Never just see the mink lashes website and you should make the decision by yourself .
  • Only you see the luxury mink lashes sample , you feel the real fur ,and apply on , test the soft of the band, can you make a bulk orders.
  • Everybody say they are the best mink lashes vendor in the market, no one would like to tell tell you the truth about the lashes.
  • Beside, best quality is always the most important thing for the Lashes Distributor, and most lashes vendor would charge for you, and we don’t do this, we pay too much time and energy to produce the luxury lashes , and we want more and more people to wear the best mink lashes , so we push our Free Eyelash Sample policy.
  • If you want to get free eyelash sample to test the quality and style , you can contact us to get the best mink lashes sample.


Second, Customer Service.

  • You should know what your Lashes Vendor can do for you , and what is the point you need.
  • In fact , your Lashes Factory can do many things for you to help you make more profits from the business line.


1 Do Custom Lashes For You .

Most lashes vendor can’t do this for you , because they are not the lashes factory, they just trading company, so you should choose a lashes factory to get the cheap lashes wholesale price.


2 Do Custom Eyelash Packaging For You .

Most Lashes manufacturer USA just Don’t do custom packaging for you ,because th3 After-Sale Serviceey are not the factory, and some Lashes Wholesale Vendor USA don’t do this service for you , because they don’t have design team and Eyelash Packaging Factory.


3 After-Sale Service

  • You should know the after-sale service your 3d mink lash vendors supply, different eyelash vendors , different after-sale service. And some lash vendor don’t have this service even

4 Return Policy.

  • What should you if you don’t like this lashes or the style is not you want to order?
    What should you do if your lashes and custom packaging boxes were destroyed by the express?
  • You may meet too many things about the product, transportation.
    So you need to know the return policy , and if you find a good lashes vendor , you don’t need too know the policy, and they will solve all the problems you met in the market.
  • More useful skills please add whatsapp to get more professional information.


Third, Choose Best Mink Lashes And Cheap Mink Lashes Vendor.

  • Yes , it is very difficult for you to choose a suitable eyelash vendor in the market.
  • If you choose the best mink lashes , as you know , that will cost too much.
  • And if you order cheap mink lashes , you will lose your lashes customer.
  • What should you do to choose a high quality luxury lashes with reasonable wholesale price?
  • Nothing but test.
  • You should test three lashes vendors at least , and choose the better one to cooperate with .
  • And if you want to have the best mink lashes vendor with cheap price, you can add whatsapp will share the best mink lashes vendor list for you ,and you don’t have to waste too much time and energy to find your Lashes Vendor Wholesale .
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Where To Buy Wholesale Lashes With Cheap Price?

Where To Buy Wholesale Lashes With Cheap Price?

  • MIIS Lashes, as one of the best Eyelash Vendorswe supply all kinds of Wholesale Eyelashes, such as 25MM Lashes, Mink Lashes, Faux mink Lashes, Fiber Lashes, Silk Lashes with competitive wholesale price. If you want to find a good Eyelash Vendor, never miss MIIS Lashes.


First , Why Should You Choose Top Grade Luxury Wholesale Eyelashes?

  • good wholesale eyelash can attract your customer, and more and more customer will choose you to be the lashes vendor , and they won’t choose the other Lash Vendors
    your business will become bigger and bigger if you choose the best wholesale lashes .
  • So why your customer would choose you to be the lashes vendor ? This is the first and the most important reason you should know .


Second, Which Style Lashes Are The Best Wholesale Eyelashes ?

  • As you know , wholesale Mink Lashes are the best lashes in the market.
  • Why so many people choose mink lashes ?
  • As we said before, mink lashes is made by hand , and the material is natural mink fur, which is vivid and fluffy , so people would love to make a perfect makeup with this luxury mink lashes in stead of the ordinary lashes and cheap lashes.
  • So mink lashes is the best seller . More and more people would like to purchase the 100% Real Mink Fur to make a gorgeous eye makeup.
  • And 25MM Mink Lashes is the one can easily sold them out. And if you have no idea about which one to choose, you should choose 25mm mink lashes ,and you will find 25mm lashes are the most popular style in the market.


Third , How To Choose Wholesale Eyelashes ?


The First Way Is Watching.

  • good mink eyelash must have a good appearance and structure. So this is the first thing you can find. If the appearance is good, and the design work will be better.


The Second Way Is Smelling.

  • The best mink lashes will have no taste but the real mink fur. And if you smell some chemical liquid, that the progress should be chemical ways to make the 3D effect. Which will have chemical taste , and not the healthy and safe one in the market.
  • Third, the third way is inquiry.


You Should Ask Your Lashes Vendor Some Questions About The Product.

Fourth , the price of the wholesale lashes .

  • well, it depend the style of lashes you choose, if you choose the Real Mink Lashes Wholesale that will a little bit expensive than the other material.
  • Because the mink fur is much more expensive, rare and precious. And usually the wholesale price is $2 to $12 according to the style and quantity.
  • And if you want to buy Cheap Lashes  you can choose fiber lashes and Faux Mink Lashes, that will be much cheaper than the Siberian Mink Fur Lashes Wholesaleand if you want to make Bulk Lashes Orders , that will much cheaper, and it cost from $1 to $3 according to the style and quantity.
  • so if you have no idea about how to choose the lashes , you may have to way to make the decision.


The First Way Is Your Market.

  • You should know your customer and your market, if people like the faux mink lashes or fiber lashes, you can do this kind of lashes to satisfy the market.


The Second Way Is Your Budget.

  • If you have little budget and you want to start your lashes business line right now , you make start with faux mink lashes or fiber ones.
  • However , their are many way to make a good decision, if you need help , pls contact us to get more professional advice.


Fifth , How To Do Wholesale Eyelash Custom Packaging?

  • If you have enough budget and want to get more regular customer, you should consider to do custom eyelash packaging to build your brand.
  • So today will tell you to do your custom eyelash packaging box step by step.


First, Make A Logo.


Second, Choose A Color According To Your Logo .

  • You can choose the color you like and use it to your custom packaging box. Which will looks so professional.


Third, Choose The Style Box You Like.

  • You should ask for your Lashes Vendor to get the whole box catalog , and choose the sytle you like or make a drawing to your vendor ,and they will do the design work for you .
  • Attention, some vendors will charge for you , if you want to design free , contact me , our designer will design free for you .


Fourth , Where To Buy Cheap Wholesale Eyelashes ?


The First One Is Trading Company

  • And they buy the bulk orders from the lashes manufacturer with low price, and sold out with higher price, and you can’t tell them apart easily ,so you should ask for the bulk orders if you want to make a good price, besides , some eyelash suppliers have high MOQ limit .


The Second One Is Lashes Manufacturer.

  • Yes , you can buy bulk mink lashes orders with competitive low price from the lashes factory ,to tell the truth, most of the mink lashes vendors can’t produce lashes buy themselves, they buy Semi-finished products from North Korea , which is made by machine .
  • so if you want to buy real mink lashes wholesale from Top Five Lashes vendors, please contact us will send Lashes Vendor List to you just free.
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How To Choose the Best Mink Lashes?

How To Choose the Best Mink Lashes?


1 Look For Lashes Carefully

First, Look At The Structure Of The Eyelashes.

  • The shape of good mink eyelashes is designed by the world’s most professional designers according to the structure of flowers.
  • And according to the shape of people’s eyes and face eyelashes design more beautiful.


Second, Look At The Tip Of Your Eyelashes.

  • Inferior eyelashes do not have sharp hair.
  • First, they are made of inferior raw materials, which are very cheap and have not been selected.
  • Second, the operation of the workers is very poor.
  • Due to the unfamiliar operation of the workers, the hair is damaged in the process of placing the hair, and they continue to use it.
  • And the inferior lashes has not passed the quality inspection to circulate in the market.
  • However, our high-end eyelash raw materials are selected by our workers one by one.
  • The hair tip is very sharp and perfect.
  • Our workers after the production of 3d mink eyelashes, but also through strict quality inspection, quality inspection is not allowed to leave the factory.


Third, Look At The Density Of Eyelashes

  • Good mink eyelashes are very fluffy, soft, and the density is very uniform, and the density pattern is more perfect.
  • However, inferior quality eyelashes have different density and structure, which makes them look cheap.


Fourth, Look At The Appearance Of Eyelashes

  • Only the high-end 3d eyelashes look very beautiful, fashionable, very realistic, giving people a sense of luxury. Feeling good about high-end eyelashes is the key to luxury eyelashes, making women around the world more beautiful, attractive and confident.


2 Smell Eyelashes

  • Inferior eyelash, can have the taste of chemical liquid medicine, this kind of eyelash is very big to the harm of the eye.
  • It may cause skin allergy, infection, and even skin ulceration. In severe cases, it may cause blindness.
  • Some poor quality 3d eyelashes may not be good or bad by smelling the smell, you can use warm water, but we do not recommend using this method, because it will damage the eyelashes.
  • However, our Wholesale Mink  Eyelashes are tasteless, non-irritating, very green and healthy.
  • We use physical high temperature sterile sterilizing method, harmless to the body, very suitable for pregnant women and people with sensitive skin.
  • If you want to know a lot of information, please  contact us
  • which will give you a very favorable wholesale lashes price and take you to enjoy the top eyelashes in the world.


3 Asking About Customer Experience

  • First, you order eyelash samples for your friends and family to try out. Don’t post anything about eyelashes yet, and ask your friends and family to give you detailed feedback. Our high-end eyelashes, customer feedback has been very good.


4  Touch Your Eyelashes

First, Feel The Eyelashes To See If They Are Smooth And Supple.

Poor quality mink eyelashes are very coarse and not very supple.


Second, Feel The Materials. You Can Touch Mink  Eyelashes And Your Hair,

  • and the two feeling is the same.


Third, Feel The Eyelash Band.

  • If you pull the eyelash band, what is very soft and smooth is our high-end eyelash.
  • It conforms to the ergonomic structure and has a certain radian. It is very flexible.
  • However, poor quality eyelashes, the middle of the eyelash stem is not smooth, there are several partitions.
  • If you want to know a lot about the tips and advice on choosing high-end eyelashes, you can add Best Lashes Wholesale Vendor.
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How To Find Custom Lash Packaging Boxes Vendors ?

How To Find Custom Lash Packaging Boxes Vendors ?

  • In this post MIIS Lashes will help you know what is the Eyelashes Box and how to design a professional Eyelash Packaging .let’s start with the function of the eyelash box.


  1. First, the box serves as a decoration and looks very beautiful.
  2. Second, the box can protect the 3d mink eyelash very well.
  3. Third, you can print the logos and slogans on the box to add value to the product and increase sales.
  4. Fourth, the empty lash box can be applied for storing your false eyelashes and  tools, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.


We Have A Promotion Now.

The price is very favorable.According to the material, our mink eyelash box can be divided into six types:

  • cardboard or magnetic eyelash box
  • Paper eyelash box
  • Acrylic eyelash box


  1. First, the box made of acrylic material has been carefully polished
  2. resulting in a smooth surface, high transparency and good hand feeling.
  3. Second, it has strong resistance to pressure, and strong durability.
  4. Third, these textured boxes are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.


After These Boxes Are Used Up, You Can Put Small Ornaments Or Small Objects In These Empty Lash Boxes.

  1. plastic eyelash box
  2. iron eyelash box
  3. PVC (polyvinylchloride) eyelash box


  • There are mainly six types of eyelash boxes, depending on their shape:
  • Round eyelash box
  • Square eyelash box
  • Diamond shaped eyelash box
  • Rectangular eyelash box  The rectangular eyelash box is a classic bestseller.
  • Polygonal eyelash box
  • irregular eyelash box


According Open Boxes Way, Eyelash Boxes Can Be Divided Into Three Types:

  • clamshell-type eyelash box According to the clamshell way, the eyelash box is divided into a front cover and no front cover, tilt-up box and dredge-up box.
  • drawer eyelash box
  • bi-parting type eyelash box


There Are Two Types Of Eyelash Boxes Depending On Materials:

  • printing paper Printing paper can be printed directly, and then covered with malt lamination.
  • specialty paper Special paper can only be ironed.  Special paper can be divided into
  • tinfoil eyelash box
  • glitter eyelash box
  • marble eyelash box You can print your own logos on this type of paper.
  • Holographic eyelash box


Generic eyelash boxes have no logos, but you can choose to paste your own logos. Stickers divided into normal type and transparent self-adhesive tape. The transparent self-adhesive tape cannot print white characters.



For Printing Labels On Eyelash Boxes, We Have The Following Ways:

  • Paste stickers
  • Print logos directly
  • Hot stamping  You can choose any color you like. But hot stamping does not support gradients, only be printed.
  • 3D printing
  • Concave-convex


About Custom Eyelash Packaging \Box\Case, We Have The Following Ways For You:

  1. On the top of the eyelash boxes, you can write your logos, brand names.
  2. On the lower of the eyelash boxes,
  3. you can write your own tagline and social information, including ins, facebook, websites and so on.
  4. You can put slogan or tagline on the inside cover of eyelash boxes, you can also put mirror on them.
  5. What’s more, you can add some decorations to these eyelash boxes, like streamers, handles, butterfly knots and so on.


The shape of window eyelash box is mostly rectangle, but also heart.


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How To Lash Business Make Money During COVID-19?

How To Lash Business Make Money During COVID-19?

  • Most people have to give up all the work and stay at home in order to avoid be effected by the COVID-19,who have no income but the government subsidies.
  • And today MIIS Lashes will help you make money at home with our any risk if you are interested in Lashes Business line. And you will find it’s very simple and easy to earn money at home.


1 Why Lashes Business Line Is So Popular?

  • Before the question , we have a test, what people will do at home ?
  • Playing games, bodybuilding, communicate with friends by Social media. Yes ,most people will surf the Internet, they share text, photo, videos to their friend.
  • So 2020 smart girls would love to do mink lash sell business on line.


2 What Should You Do Before The Work?

First, You Should Find A Eyelash Vendor .


Second,Communication Tools.

  • You need a cell phone or a computer before the 3D Mink Lashes Business to post the photo and videos. So people an easily find your post or information, and then they will find your Retail lashes .


Third , Time.


Fourth , Money.


3 What The Advantage Of The Mink Lashes Business ?

First , Working At Home.

  • You needn’t to rent an office to negotiate with your customer. Very convenient and easy. Besides , no CONVID-19 risk.


Second, Part-Time.

  • You can just use your free time to do the job.


Third, Make A Lot Of Money.

  • You could make a lot of money from the mink lashes business line. And we supply competitive mink lash wholesale price to you , and you will have too much profits from the business .


Fourth, No Employee.

  • You don’t have to hire any workers, you can do it easily by yourself.


Fifth. Via Free Social Media.

  • You can easily take good us of your social media and you will find a lot of users via social media.
  • So you can get orders from free social media platforms(Instagram, Facebook, YouTobe…)


Sixth, Less Investment.Sixth, Less Investment.

  • You only need a very low investment budget to start your lashes business line, and I suggest your first order should be a small one, and when you make profits from the first order, you can make a bulk orders to earn more.


Seventh, No Equipment .

  • There is no need to buy other equipment except your cell phone or computer you have
  • There are too many advantage for you to start mink lashes business line at home, that’s the best way to earn money in this hard time.


4 How To Start Your Lashes Business Line ?

  • If you follow our website post , you can easily start your lashes business line, and if you need help ,we can help you start your lashes business line step by step.


First , Brand Name .


Second, Your Logo.

  • You should have a logo if you want to build your lashes brand. And we have free eyelash logo for you to choose and we can design free for you .


Third , Choose Your Lashes .

  • You can ask for the lashes catalog from your mink lashes vendor. And choose the one you like .
  • Fourth , make a sample order to test the quality.
  • Never make a bulk order before the sample order. You should check the details about the lashes .


Fourth, Choose Your Lashes Packaging.

A beautiful packaging box can promote the sales. And lashes packaging is very important. If you want to know more about top 3d mink lashes , you can contact us


5 Tips On How To Choose Eyelash Vendor.

First , Low MOQ.

  • You should choose low MOQ limit vendor to start your lashes business line instead of the bulk order . Most Lashes vendor have high MOQ, which is terrible for the beginners.


Second, Supply Top Grade Luxury Mink Lashes .

  • Never choose bad lashes vendor , otherwise , you will lose your market and customer.


Third, Design Free Logo For You .

  • You should choose the lashes vendor who can design free for you . and you will save 30-50 usd to design your logo .


Fourth , Efficient Express.

  • Some people would choose the slowly one to ship the lashes , and that’s a wrong way , because time is money . some wholesale mink lashes vendor have already sold them our, your slowly one were still on the way. So we will ship the lashes within 24H.
  • More tips please let me know , and will show you all the key information to you .
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How To Start Eyelash Business With Shiny Glitter Eyelashes Packaging Box?

How To Start Eyelash Business With Shiny Glitter Eyelashes Packaging Box?

Using beautiful Eyelash Packaging Boxes and fast online media to show your packaging and eyelashes and quickly start your online eyelash business is an effective idea, and it has been proven that this method works. The following lash packaging boxes will help you It helps a lot.

Eyelash Box
Purple Glitter Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

The backgrounds of these Eyelash Packaging Boxes are very popular purple, light pink, red, and dark pink. They are all the colors that ladies like. The glitter shinny color can quickly draw the attention of your potential customers to your eyes, exchange orders, and these It is also very easy to take color pictures, which is good for you to show on social media on custom lash box !

Eyelash Packaging
Drip Glitter Custom Eyelash Packaging Box


These eyelash packaging boxes are all made by Aupres Lash Vendors. It has its own eyelash packaging factory and a strong design team. Lashes Vendors can help you perfect your LOGO Designs in a short time and help you make your beautiful packaging boxes. You can receive your order within 8 days and start business quickly.

Eyelash Box
Pink Marble Custom Eyelash Packaging Book Usa
Custom Eyelash Packaging
Wholesale Custom White Marble Drip Rust Eyelash Packaging Box

Aupres Eyelashes Vendors has more than 200 eyelash boxes for you to choose from. Their sales representatives WhatsApp saves pictures of various custom lash boxes and case videos for you to choose. Their one-to-one service can provide you with good reference information, your logo The design is perfectly copied to the box by the designer. Before making the eyelash box, they will show you your LOGO case, so that you can see the appearance of your box, and you can rest assured if you cooperate with them.

Eyelash Packaging
Red Glitte Lash Packaging box


Now you can safely cooperate with wholesale cutom lash boxes , contact US. You can contact WhatsApp  to discuss order matters with the sales representative. I hope your eyelash business can be very good.

Eyalash Packaing Box
Pink Glitter Eyelash Packaging Box
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Top 10 Custom Lash Packaging Box Manufacturer China To USA

Top 10 Custom Lash Packaging Box Manufacturer China To USA

Manufacturers Of Small Batch Custom Boxes Are Most Popular

Lashes Packaging

Wholesale Eyelash Boxes

Lashes Packaging Box

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

  • As you know,eyelash box is very powerful,  the beautiful lash packaging can quickly attract the attention of potential eyelash buyers and promote customer purchase. More than 80% of eyelash suppliers are going to show eyelash products through social media platforms, and this marketing model needs more beautiful Lash Packaging box to support.

Cheap Custom Eyelash Boxes

Caustom Eyelash Boxes

Caustom Eyelash Boxes


  • The biggest problem faced by eyelash entrepreneurs is the small-volume Custom Packaging Box. To be honest, the packaging factory prefers to get milk, alcohol, and cosmetics packaging orders. Because these products have large orders, the order quantity is more than 10,000, and the eyelashes box order are smaller. In terms of the custom lash box, 100 pieces are considered to be  large order, but in the factory’s view, it is still a small potato, and the paper card box evem has a minimum order of 500, which severely limits the development of the brand eyelashes.

How Many Eyelash Cases Minimum Are Available?

  • The very exciting thing is that there are some low-order lash box manufacturer in 2019. They also provide lash box customization while supplying  Mink Eyelashes. Their minimum order quantity is very low, only 30 boxes; they have a lot of packaging boxes styles, more than 100 models; They update the lash packaging box very fast, updating 6 varieties box styles every month; They has their own designer team, who make the customer’s logo picture and brand information onto box perfectly, they also assist customers to make logo; Custom packaging box production speed is very Fast, committed to 3 working days.

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

  • This is a great help for Fresh False Eyelash Retailers  to start off lash line with personal branded. Such Lash Packaging Box Vendors should be known by more eyelash entrepreneurs! Based on our own statistics and customer feedback, this article has launched 10 Custom Lash Box Vendors with low moq, and also will do a brief introduction on them as well as lash box.

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Lash Packaging Vendor

Top 10 Custom Lash Packaing Box Manufacturer List


Manufacturer             Category                                  MOQ              Design Time             Make Box Time

  Aupres  Lashes


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box  30  boxes  1 day   4 days
Dior Lashes mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days

Shalimar Lashes

mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days
Dunhill lashes


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days
misen lashes


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days
Garnier Lashes


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days
Anr  Lashes


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days
Gianni lashes


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days
Aramis Lashes


mink lashes, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30  boxes 1 day 4 days


Brief Intruduction about us 

  • WE are Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Vendors with  low  amount, with a minimum order quantity of 24 boxes;
  • Custom Lash Box, need the customer provides logo images and brand information. If the customer orders are more than 30 pairs, they can also help the customer to design the logo free charge!  we has its own powerful design team, which can provide the customer satisfaction renderings in one day. They promise within 5 working days producing all lash boxes!
  • Our policy is to pay a deposit of 30 dollars , then start to make demos of logo designs till get the customers approval , then start producing box with logo, Customers can make 3 free changes to their own logo! There are more than 120 types of Lashes packaging boxes, and the new eyelash boxes are updated every week, so maintaining close contact with Aupres is very helpful for your eyelash business.
  • 7 days a week, New York time 6:00pm to  9:00 am  the next day, you can contact with sales suprior for lash business on our whatsapp
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How To Negotiate With Wholesale Mink Lashes Factory?

How To Negotiate With Wholesale Mink Lashes Factory?


1 Show Order To Your Mink Lashes Vendor

  • You should tell your lashes vendor what your want to order , and they will show you the correct mink lashes catalog to you , and you can choose the style you want to order.
  • And then you should tell your 5d mink lashes vendor the quantity you want to order ,and they will check the wholesale price for you.


2 Show Your Budget .

  • Just tell your Lashes Manufacturer your budget and your order, and they will check the cost for you , and tell you how many style you can order and how many style you can get .


3 How To Save Your Money.

  • You have two ways to save your money.


First , You Can Add Some More To Earn A Low Price.

  • And if you order lashes , you can order boxes together, and you can ask for a good wholesale mink lashes price from your mink lashes vendor. And they would love to reduce the price to make a good order for you . the more you order ,the low price you will get.


Second, Order Less Lashes .

  • You have to give up the bulk orders if you have budget. And you can just start your lashes first, and then test the market.
  • And you can make all your money you invested back, and get your profits back. And then you can try to make a bigger order.


Third , Use Free Eyelash Packaging Instead Of Custom Eyelash Packaging.

  • Most  would like to buy more lashes instead of the eyelash packaging. So you if you want to buy more 3D Mink Lashes , you can ask for a Free Eyelash Packaging Box with your private logo label. So just feel free to ask your mink lashes vendors to make a reasonable price.


Fourth , Save The Shipping Cost.

  • If you order the free eyelashes packaging that will save a little bit shipping cost. So this method especial suit the beginner. But if you want to build your lashes brand and get more profits you have to choose custom eyelash packaging box .


4 How To Reduce The Cost Of Each Mink Lashes From Your Factory ?

  • You may have two ways to reduce the cost of your lashes .


First , You Can Order More Lashes To Get A Lower Price.

Because most lashes vendor supply wholesale lash service. The more you order the cheaper will be.


Second,Order Eyelash Box Together.

  • Some wholesale lashes vendor have the policy to promote the eyelash boxes , and if you order boxes together , they will apply for you a good price.


Third, Use Coupon.

  • When you order the bulk order ,and some 25mm lashes vendor will give your a coupon to promote the sales. But you can only use the next order.

Fourth, Refuse Gift ,Apply For The Discount From Your Mink Lashes Supplier.

  • Some Mink Lashes Supplier will give you some gift if you cooperate with them, and some you can apply for a discount instead of the gift, but this maybe can’t do work ,some Best Lashes Vendor won’t do this to pull the price of the lashes down, because they just supply best quality lashes .


5 Making A Down Payment To Get A Better Price.

  • Never miss an opportunity to get a low price . and you can pay first , and when you have money, you can make an bulk order to get a good price.
  • As you know , some hot style you have to wait to get the lashes .so you can pay first to get the popular 3d mink lashes .
  • More issues about the negotiation with your Mink Lashes Vendor , you can contact us get the answer and skills .