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Big Mink Eyelashes 25mm

Big Mink Eyelashes 25mm

Nowadays, our 25mm mink eyelashes are very popular on the market. From the beginning of the unknown, our inventory has not kept up with the customer’s demand, but there are many imitated eyelash styles on the market.
So today I want to say two things:

The first point: production of mink eyelashes

Our eyelashes are becoming more and more popular, and the number of needs is increasing. Because we are just starting out, we have not prepared too much inventory. Now there are cases where customers need to book in advance. Many people don’t understand why we The output will be so low, so we have to explain this question today.
Our eyelashes are handmade, and the production process is only a small part of the staff will be made, and more complicated, so each of our employees produces 6 pairs of eyelashes a day, many customers think we are slow, we just want to guarantee us The quality of the eyelashes, we can’t send you bad quality eyelashes, because we don’t sell bad quality eyelashes, so please understand us, we just want to provide good quality products.

The second point: Cheap mink eyelashes

Our 25mm DH mink lashes are priced at $8. If you order a lot, we will give you a good discount. If someone quotes you at the beginning is less than $7, please don’t buy it, because we have our own factory. and we are Wholesale mink lashes mink eyelash vendors Our price is already the factory price, it will not be lower than this, so if someone tells you more Low prices, please do not buy, because their quality will not be guaranteed, and the style will be biased with ours.
So dear, if you encounter these two situations, please don’t worry or believe, we just want you to have the best eyelashes.
So dear, if you have other questions, please feel free to send me a message, we will give you our best service.

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