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Customized Packaging For Luxury Eyelashes

We Produce Customized Packaging For Luxury Eyelashes
anr lashes is professional custom lash packaging manufacturer, we get more than 100 rectangle boxes which including every colors glitter boxes, side drawer boxes, marble background matte paper magnetic boxes

custom lash packaging

we get 120 styles lash boxes and styles square eyelash boxes for you, and also we have many Multi-pair boxes for your choice!

Following pictures are 20 styles custom lash boxes ordered by one customer, she was definitely love our box packaging box and ordered so many boxes model one order

eyelash packaging
wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

lashes can supply you with only 30 pieces minimum order quantity, this is a quite low amount on custom lash boxes, you can pay less money to start your lash business with very low investment, quickly start your luxury brand lash business

wholesale lash boxes

lashes packaging box
lashes packaging box

mink eyelash business
mink eyelash businessmink eyelash business
Lashes has own designer team, we can make your logo design within one day, we have very experienced operators, can good communicate with you, and make your logo designs as you required.

eyelash packaging 
lash packaging boxes
eyelash vendors

customize eyelash boxes
customize eyelash boxes
lashes custom packaging
lashes custom packaging

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