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DH011 Mink Lashes Wholesale

DH011 Mink Lashes Wholesale

Are you looking for 25mm length wholesale mink lashes vendor?
Get longer, fuller, beautiful mink eyelashes with our easy to apply, and natural looking 25mm length mink lashes & Mink lashes.

Now our designer design 12 style for fans love longer and more dramatic mink lashes, Today we talk about DH011 Mink Lashes. Let enjoy itself charming:

Real DH011 Mink Lashes Show

Why Clients Choose DH011 Mink Lashes

1: Super Design: Luxury like a butterfly, Symbolizes the girl’s pursuit of the perfect dream in her heart.

2: Good feedback: Share love to every in heart is full of love and kindness

3: Large market opportunity: Now In Market no 25mm length, for our clients is big chance to take market and gain more fans to their brand.

4: For New Lash Line: 25mm length mink lashes is good chance to let more people know.

Passion from Clients


1: Nothing I’m proud of. But I have definitely ordered overpriced lashes before. These are SO gorgeous! Stunning. Very glamourous but also natural looking. Absolutely love them! $30 quality for $8 price tag! DH011 Mink Eyelashes
2: The lashes are AMAZING! Super lightweight, very flirty and not too long. Would definitely buy again 😍
3: Love these lashes so much! Bought the “DH011 MINK LASHES” ones for a wedding and got a lot of compliments on them.. they are a little over the top for every day use in my opinion, but they are great quality, light weight and have a thin strip which makes them look more natural on the lash line and perfect for special occasions…will be buying more in the future!

Versatile Styles 25mm length Mink Lashes

Choose from our collection of short, long, elegant or dramatic mink lashes. From wedding to glamour, you’ll get the best look for any occasion. Unlike lash extensions, you can change it up any time. Pair with our Eyeliner for a seamless finish.

If you wanna seize most hot fashionable lashes, you can choose wholesale mink lashes from Gianni Lashes.

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