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False eyelash vs mascara brush

False Eyelash vs Mascara Brush

Brush a thin layer of mascara and stick it. False eyelashes usage:

Firstly. First use the eyelash curler to curl your own eyelashes, and then help the mascara after the brush to maintain curling. Brush a thin layer of mascara, it is best to choose a curling type, the purpose is to help the true eyelashes and false eyelashes fit, without the appearance of two layers of eyelashes.
Secondly. Compare the length of the false eyelashes on the eyes, because each person’s eye shape is different, and it is necessary to make a proper trimming of the eyelashes after confirming the length.

Third. Bending the eyelashes out of the arc is like giving a massage to the eyelashes, which makes the eyelashes smoother and more natural, and adjusts the curvature suitable for the eyes.
Fourth. Trim out the required length, usually the eyelashes at the end of the eye are longer, cut from this end, the short eyelashes of the eye are retained, so that it can look more natural, pay attention to the two false eyelashes to be symmetrical.
Fifth. Apply the eyelash glue to the underside of the eyelash stem. Help the false eyelashes to attach to the top of the real eyelashes, and there is no foreign body sensation.
Sixth. After calculating the position, start from the middle of the eyelids, which is easy to adjust.

Seventh. Wait until the mascara is half dry and the viscous maximum is reached. At this time, the two ends are lifted up, and the radiance of the eye shape is attached.
Eighth. In order to avoid the two layers of eyelashes, after the stickers are attached, the true and false eyelashes should be lightly pinched with the fingertips.
Ninth. If you feel that the eyelashes are not upturned, you can gently pinch the eyelashes again, the intensity must be light, otherwise it may damage the curvature. 10. Check if there are any gaps in the eyelashes. You can fill the gap with an eyeliner or eyeliner to make the eyelashes look more natural.

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