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Gianni Lashes Review

Gianni Lashes Review

Amazing Wholesale Mink Eyelashes To The World.

As Famous brand Gianni Lashes supply every beauty different hot fashionable mink lashes , wholesale mink lashes 13mm lengh mink lashes, 15mm length, 18mm lenth, 25mm mink lashes .

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Make every fashional fans more gourgous wearing Gianni Lashes.
100% Real Mink Hair
Cruelty-free Mink Hair
More Comfortable
Easier to USE

About Gianni Mink Lashes

1.Eyelashes Material: Made of 100% siberian mink fur,full strip mink lashes, vivid and soft
2.Eyelashes Brand: Miss Kiss ,professional,fashion,stylish Hand made mink false lashes
3.Eyelashes Advantage: Easy to wear,reusable 15 times or more with nice care
4.Eyelashes Feature:Suitable for party or professional application like wedding event,photo shoot,night out, daily daytime Use
5 Eyelashes Package: 1 pair of strip mink lashes with luxury customized logo box, without adhesive

20mm mink lashes catalog

Show 13mm lengh mink lashes

More natural, more soft, more conformfable mink lashes from Gianni Lashes

1: I am a lash finatic, so I have tried hundreds of lashes. These are the best ever. Period. If you second guessing, stop. These are PERFECT.
2: Absolutely love these lashes , I think I need 10 more pair lol , super dramatic lash set , great for dramatic night time makeup looks , very long and super easy to apply , can’t wait to purchase again
3: These are BOMB.COM! These are by far my favorite pair of lashes. They are exactly as said and you won’t be disappointed! You can cut them to fit your eye length and everything. When in doubt, eyelash it out!! Don’t second guess, BUY THEM!! I promise you, you won’t regret it! #SlayBabySlay
4: These lashes are so luxurious for the price! They’re soft, have so much volume & length. I’ve bought lashes that were so expensive and these beat those. Worth every penny! I got them in D22

Show 15mm lengh mink lashes

Make your eye more sexy, more Mink Hair, Natural Black from Gianni Lashes

1: Nothing I’m proud of. But I have definitely ordered overpriced lashes before. These are SO gorgeous! Stunning. Very glamourous but also natural looking. Absolutely love them! $30 quality for $5 price tag! 3D62
2: The lashes are AMAZING! Super lightweight, very flirty and not too long. Would definitely buy again 😍🔥
3: Love these lashes so much! Bought the “3D22” ones for a wedding and got a lot of compliments on them.. they are a little over the top for every day use in my opinion, but they are great quality, light weight and have a thin strip which makes them look more natural on the lash line and perfect for special occasions…will be buying more in the future!
4: Styles 3d104 are my favorite!! These are the best lashes I’ve ever purchased and they are thick and long and not super expensive!! They are reuasable and they last so long. These are my go to lashes 🙂 I will definitely be buying these for a long time!!

Show 18mm lengh mink lashes

Fluffy,Luxuriously lighweight from Gianni Lashes

1: They are so fluffy and thick and they make me look like i have doll eyes they are really dramatic.
2: These lashes are horrible. Side profile of these lashes they are messy and all over the place and they feel rough. There is no cleanliness to these lashes and looks like someone slept in these and returned them.
3: I absolutely love these eyelashes, shipping is fast and the product is amazing. I love dramatic lashes, so I always buy the 3D66YL and they are beautiful! The price is also very affordable, as long as you take care of them they will last a while. I also like the cases they come with.
4: I bought these lashes months ago and fell in LOVE with them. So I didn’t hesitate to order them again. This go round I wasn’t too happy….. the lashes are WAY THINNER than my last purchase. I don’t why it changed…. they had the right amount of density the first time I ordered. It’s definitely disappointing to spend $5 on lashes and not get what you’re expecting or what you are use to.

20MM DM Mink Lashes
20MM DM Mink Lashes

Show 25mm lengh mink lashes

Queen among Mink Lashes, 25mm Mink Lashes to meet all your imaination for mink lashes from Gianni Lashes

1: The lashes came very quickly in a small but sturdy box. As soon as I opened them I could tell they had a great volume and shine. They come with a pretty long band so be ready to trim! The photo is a quicky I took while measuring them out. Very light weight and definitely will purchase again! I have the DH007.
2: I love wearing lashes every time I go out and I was looking for a new style and these are perfect! I love the way that they look on and they are super comfortable too! They aren’t too full and they are super wispy and pretty! They are holding up really well too so you can wear them several times, definitely recommend! Especially for the great price!
3: These lashes were gorgeous, but very dramatic! I love them, I wore them for a music festival but for some reason felt like they might be better for a girls night out. I’ve posted pics in its packaging, then the lashes on their own with flash and without for you all thinking about purchasing to see 🙂
4: I purchased the DH004 lashes. They are very soft, very black, and have quite a thick band. I was looking for pretty dramatic lashes to compliment some of the makeup looks I post on Instagram. The pro to the thicker band is that they can withstand multiple uses without ruining the lashes. Very durable. The con is you are very clearly wearing falsies. These lashes are beautiful but not meant to look “natural”. For my purposes, they look amazing in photos and give the drama I’m looking for. I’d definitely buy again!

25MM DH Mink Lashes
25MM DH Mink Lashes

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box 

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