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How To Choose Good Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor?

How To Choose Good Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor?

How To Choose Good Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor? If you do some research, you will notice that 25mm Mink Lashes are getting more and more popular. It’s good to know that Mink Lashes come mainly from Qingdao, China, where 85% of eyelashes are produced (including some big brands, like Lilly Lashes, Luxury Lashes, Vlour Lashes….).

 Of course, not all suppliers of Mink Eyelashes are the same and that’s why those involved in professional makeup and beauty business must be careful. The following is a simple guide that will help you get the best Mink Lashes Vendor and Manufacturer :

How to choose Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor is Hot Topic?

1 Check their product line

There are some suppliers Mink Eyelashes, you can check their delivery time for bulk order 2000 pair, if they have large stock, large stock for popular style mink lashes is a strong vendor, they make big lashes business. In addition, the staff skills requirements are different. You can order one style 10 pair to test if they can make the same style mink lashes, we know 100% hand-made it is difficult to make 100% similar, so through test you will know if you find a good wholesale mink eyelashes vendor.

2 Check their material

There are three basic materials used for the production of mink eyelashes . First of all, there is a cheaper mink hair which is very rough and can destroy your natural eyelashes. Second, it is top quality mink hair, it is bright, and natural black. This material from Siberia is soft and natural with luxurious appearance but it’s very expensive compared to cheaper material. So from appearance all is mink lashes, but the big difference from raw material

3 Check the working environment

Unfortunately, some Wholesale mink lashes vendors are manufacturing these items in very dirty and inadequate working environment where the staff has to work on high temperatures. All that sweating and inadequate conditions affect the quality of the product. In order to create clean and safe mink eyelashes, the staff must wear professional clothes, toxin-free gloves and the overall working environment must be clean too.

4 Check the process

The most suppliers that are generally chemically treated mink hair to make it 3d effect. It will do harm to you. Chemically treatment is the cheapest and quickest way to make mink eyelashes curl. But it will do harm to you.

Our eyelashes are all heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Our mink lashes get to 3d Effect through temperature control. Dear clients believe you have wear so many lashes, you can know some which light smell, some is strongly chemically smell.

We can confidently say that we are only one in the world has this technology, we all Have a pictorial certificate, click here to see our certificate (make a certificate no chemical 100 real mink eyelashes)

Honey!11 If you want to stay on the safe side and work with a professional wholesale mink lashes vendors manufacturer and exporter, contact Gianni Lashes and we are ready to listen to your demands.

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