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Gianni Lashes Wholesale Individual Lashes

Gianni Lashes Individual Lashes

Gianni Lashes Wholesale silk eyelash extensions, Glad that you can come to us, and I am very happy that you can see our silk eyelash extensions.Here you can choose your favorite synthetic eyelash extensions, of course you can also send us the synthetic eyelash extensions style you like, we can customize it according to your favorite, So dear, please contact us soon. I can’t wait to introduce our custom packaging boxes to you. I hope we can work together as soon as possible.If you still have any questions that you don’t understand, you can also send me a message

0.03 mm C curl Individual Lashes

0.05 mm C curl Individual Lashes

0.07 mm C curl Individual Lashes

0.10 mm C curl Individual Lashes

0.15 mm C curl Individual Lashes

0.03mm D curl Individual Lashes

0.05mm D curl Individual Lashes

0.10mm D curl Individual Lashes

0.15mm D curl Individual Lashes

About the product

GET THE CONFIDENCE YOU NEED – When you look good, you feel great! Nothing finishes your look more than big beautiful lashes. Whether you’re looking for natural or dramatic, these lashes do it all. When you have flirty lashes you feel on point, so stop feeling self-conscious and start turning heads TODAY! Put our lashes on, and it’s instant impact!

YOU’LL NEVER LOOK OR FEEL BETTER – Whether you love to look like the most glam person in the room, or if that gorgeous dolled-up even without makeup feeling is your thing, these can do it all. If your clients want to be known as “the pretty one with those super beautiful eyelashes” then you need these! They don’t clump, smear or stick together and they’ll instantly give you gorgeous, perfectly separated, lasting lush lashes!

INDUSTRY LEADING QUALITY – The reason why so many of you trust and choose Gianni lashes is because of the quality. They’ve become the go to extensions for beauticians. If you’re looking for lashes that are EXTREMELY soft, effortless to apply and have a great natural black color, then these were made for you. The variety of lengths makes almost any look achievable! Our lashes are the best way to enhance your eyes without piling on a ton of makeup.

NO ONE WILL KNOW THEY AREN’T REAL – Waves of our customer’s clientele have reported that our lashes are so natural looking, that people couldn’t even tell they weren’t real! These have the perfect thickness, curl and color. Customers have reported that due to the lightness of these lash extensions they barely feel like they’re wearing them. Each lash is silky and comfortable, because beauty doesn’t have to come at the cost of pain!

CRUETLY FREE – No animal hair is used in the making of our lashes. It was our goal to produce the most natural looking eyelashes on the market, without harming a single hair on any animal! See for yourself why our users agree that we achieved it. Each lash is made from the finest Korean pure silk synthetic available, allowing for the most realistic, lightweight soft lashes on the market. If you’re an artist who cares, you need to start using these.

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Whatsapp : +8615064855519

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