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Top 10 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendors In The Market

Top 10 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendors In The Market

  • MIIS Lashes is one of the best Eyelash Strip Vendors in the market, our luxury mink strip lashes wholesale are very popular in the market, such as you publish 25MM 3D Mink Lashes and the long dramatic lashes are very hot in the market.
  • Mink Strip Lashes is the best individual mink lashes in the market, which is make of real mink fur ,much more expensive the the silk one or the plastic lashes.

First , Top 10 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendor

  • You may find too many lashes vendor in the market, and you have no ides how to choose and which style do you want to order , and today , we will provide three best mink lashes vendor who supply best mink lashes with competitive wholesale price, if you want to know more about the lashes vendor, you can contact us to get the information.

Top 10 Eyelash Vendors in China

Eyelash Vendors  Category Location
1. MIIS Lashes 25mm Mink Lashes, 5D Mink Lashes , Luxury 3D mink Lashes China
2. Dior Lashes Mink Lashes, 25mm Mink Lashes, 5D Mink Lashes s, etc. China
3. ANR Lashes 25mm Mink Lashes, 5D Mink Lashes , 7D Mink Eyelashes, etc. China
4. Dunhill Lashes 7D Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 20mm Mink Lashes, etc. China
5. Misen Lashes 25mm Strip Eyelash, 7DEyelash Extension, Eyelash Tools, etc. China
6. Garnier Lashes 3D Mink Lashes, regular Mink Lashes, 20mm Lashes, etc. China
7. Vichy Lashes 7D Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 16mm Mink Lashes, etc. China
8. CoverGirl Lashes 5D Mink Lashes 3D Mink Lashes China
9. Aupres Lashes Magnetic Eyelash, 5D Mink Eyelash, 25mm lashes, etc. China
10. Aramis Lashes 7D Mink Lashes, Strip Eyelash Glue, 25mm Mink lashes, etc. China

Second, Why Eyelash Mink Strip Lashes Are So Popular In The Market ?

1st Easy To Apply.

  • Most girls can apply the lashes by themself, fast and easy to apply on.


2nd Save Time.

  • Some girls don’t have too much time to go to beauty Salon and spend one hour at least . time is money, they can’t spent too much time to do eyelash extension.


3rd Too Many Style To Choose

  • Different people different taste. And most people would choose the style they like to show the personality. They do not like the same length and same curl , and they want to order different length and different style.


4th Cheap Price But Best Lashes.

  • As you know , if you do eyelash extension, you have to go to the beauty salon, and that will need too much money to do the lashes extension. And you make not use the real mink fur, because that will not easy to apply on.
  • But if you do mink strip lashes , you can buy the real mink fur with cheap price.


Third,What Can The Best Eyelash Strip Vendors Can Do For You ?

  • Best mink lashes strip lashes vendor supply you best mink strip lashes and best service to you ,so before you choose the mink strip lashes vendor , you should know what they can do for you .


First ,Supply Top Grade Luxury Mink Lashes For You .

  • They should produce best mink strip lashes and supply best mink lashes to you with competitive wholesale price.
  • So you should know how to distinguish the mink lashes with skilled ways. If you have no idea to tell the difference between the good one and the poor one. You can add whatsapp we will help you to do a test step by step.
  • You do should make a sample order to test the quality , because every one would said they are the best mink lashes strip vendor in the market, and you should make a decision from those vendors.
  • Otherwise, you will buy the poor mink lashes which are different that what you see from the catalog.


Second , They Can Help You Build Your Lashes Brand With Professional Skilled And Patience.

  • You many see too many mink strip lashes vendor they do not do this work ,they even do not do custom packaging box for you . why ?


1st  Design Work Wast Too Much Time And Energy.

  • Usually the mink lashes strip lashes vendor will modify to many times the design work before the permission from the customer.
  • They do not want to wast too much time to design the custom eyelash packaging ,instead, they just only supply mink lashes to you without any patience.


2nd They Don’T Have Design Team

  • Most lashes vendors don’t have design team, they buy mink lashes wholesale from lashes factory and sold them out with cheap price.
  • Usually the price is very low than ours, and once you find the quality question, they won’t answer back to you , and they do not bear the damage for you .and they don’t have design team to save money. Once you met issues in the market, they won’t help you.
  • One quality one price.
  • So if you choose the best mink strip lashes vendor , they can do custom packaging box for you , and they can help you build your lashes brand step by step .
  • Anything about the logo, brand name, color of the box, lashes and custom eyelash packaging box , you can feel free to contact with they, and you send all you information about the lashes and packaging box, they will do custom eyelash and packaging box to you .


3rd  Help You To Do Website .

  • you will need a website to show your mink lashes and your service.
  • Most lashes vendor just said all the things are the customer’s , but the best mink lashes vendor will help you  build your website, and supply high quality photo and videos you need to build your website.
  • And if your lashes vendor have IT team, they will do better than you to make a professional website.


4th  Do Custom Eyelashes For You .

  • Most lashes vendor they want to do unique lashes style, they can design the lashes , but they can produce the lashes, and best Mink Lashes Factory , they can do that for you .
  • Because few lashes supplier can do this work , most lashes factory import self-finishes lashes, all the lashes style are the same and cheap.
  • The best mink lashes factory ,they design by them self , produce by them self, which is much more expensive the the ordinary one, but with high quality.
  • And they can use to more than 25 times.
    And if you order the cheap, they can only use one time,so we said, the Cheap Mink Lashes is the
  • most expensive lashes in the world. And if you are doing Cheap Mink Lashes Wholesale , you are wasting your money, and you will lost your customer at last.
  • If you want to get more professional information, and want to know more what a good lashes vendor can do for you , you can click here to get more information.we will help you how to to choose a good lashes vendor step by step.


Fourth, Where To Find Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendor USA ?

  • if you want to find mink strip lashes factory , you may find, most of the lashes factory are all China Lashes Factory.
  • You may find Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor USA, but they are not the lashes factory, they just trading company.
  • So if you find the mink strip lashes factory , you can do custom eyelash and boxes with competitive wholesale price.
  • Beside, the mink strip lashes industry belongs to population-intensive industries, so all the strip lashes factory are located in developing country.
  • The important thing is all the best mink lashes are made by hand not machine.
  • So if you want to get best mink lashes in the world, only few strip lashes factory can do this work.
  • And all these lashes strip factory are located in China. Because China is the birthplace of the mink lashes .
  • if you want to know the best mink lashes factory and visit the eyelash strip factory , we can help you and arrange the visit for you .
  • more professional information and cooperation please contact us
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