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Top 6 Lash Packaging Box With Logo 30 Piece

Top 6 Lash Packaging Box With Logo 30 Piece

Gianni explore eyelash packaging box, as well as eyelash packaging box suppliers. we have chosen top 6 lash box style, with the minimum supply as the standard 30 Piece , recommend it to everyone, expecting the mink eyelash entrepreneurs can create High-end eyelash brand with a low investment.

1, Pink Money box eyelash packaging box

eyelash packaging box lash packaging
eyelash packaging box lash packaging

The eyelash box is very powerful, and the beautiful packaging can quickly attract the attention of potential users and promote customer purchase.

2: Clear custom eyelash packing box


More than 80% of eyelash suppliers are going to show eyelash products through social media platforms, and this marketing model needs more beautiful packaging to support.

4: Clear eyelash package case

Clear Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale
Clear Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

The biggest problem faced by eyelash entrepreneurs is the small-volume custom packaging box. To be honest, the packaging factory prefers to get milk, alcohol, and cosmetics packaging orders. Because these products have large orders, the order quantity is more than 10,000, and the eyelashes box order are smaller.

4: Diamond pink glitter box

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale
Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

In terms of the lash box, 100 pieces are considered to be large order, but in the factory’s view, it is still a small potato, and the paper card box evem has a minimum order of 500, which severely limits the development of the brand eyelashes.

5: Pink marble custom package

Custom Eyelash Packaging Solutions

The very exciting thing is that there are some low-order lash box suppliers in 2019. They also provide lash box customization while supplying eyelashes.

Their minimum order quantity is very low, only 30; they have a lot of packaging boxes. more than 100 models; They update the lash packaging box very fast, updating 6 varieties every month; They has their own design team, who make the customer’s logo picture and brand information onto box perfectly,

6: Black marble custom packaging bx

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

They also assist customers to make logo; Custom packaging box production speed is very Fast, committed to 3 working days.

This is a great help for newcomers to start off lash line with personal branded. Such lash packaging box vendors should be known by more eyelash

entrepreneurs! Based on our own statistics and customer feedback, this article has launched 10 custom lash box vendors with low moq, and also will do a

brief introduction on them as well as lash box.

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